Ugee Drawing Tablet and Graphics Tablet Official Website

Ugee Tablet has established a strong front-end development team whose personnel have excellent academic backgrounds and extensive experience in tech research and development, and thus are absolutely qualified to perfect every link in our chain of product development.Therefore, Ugee Tablet's good quality is the greatest strength.

Ugee Graphics Tablet is a professional manufacturer specializing in research, development, production, and sale of pen tablets and pen displays.By 2014, we had upgraded our tablets to support up to 2048 levels of pen pressure, and our 8192-level pressure pen tablets are supposed to come into market this year.

Ugee Tablet, as a consumer electronics brand, won its domestic and international attention by launching Ugee 1910b,Ugee m708,Ugee 2150 and so on.. We strive to master cordless and battery-free electromagnetic induction technology.

Ugee Drawing Tablet's production base includes a sophisticated production management system. Ugee Tablet strictly controls production, generating high quality products with great efficiency.We are pioneers in handwriting digitization!