As graphics tablets, Ugee 2150 and Ugee 1910B are similar but with differences. Ugee 2150 tablet made improvements on the basis of Ugee 1910B graphics tablet.


Ugee 2150 tablet uses a bigger display, 21.5 inch, with a higher resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, compared with the 19 inch screen of Ugee 1910B tablet with 1920*1080 pixels resolution. Ugee 2150 tablet is capable of providing images with higher quality.


Ugee 2150 tablet’s design is as same as that of Ugee 1910B tablet. There are five buttons on the low right corner, four ports on the back and support stands at bottom. There is nothing special or creative.


Ugee 2150 tablet supports Windows, XP, Vista 7/8/10 and Mas OS 10.8 as well as majorities of software. Therefore, I can use it as other devices.


Its screen and pen are so sensitive that I only need painting with the stylus lightly on the screen.