1. Please pull off the tablet's USB plug from the computer.

2. Remove the Tablet driver from the system.

1.Work Area
2.Touch Key-press
4.Power Interface
5.Default Port A
6.Default Port B

3. Re-connect the Tablet's USB to the computer.

3.1 Check whether the tablet's LED is blinking or not? If the LED unlighted, that means your tablet is fault.

3.2 Test your wireless digital pen on tablet working area, if it can work as a mouse, which means the hardware is OK. If it doesn't work, please change the battery with a new one.

3.3 After changed a new battery for the pen, if it still not working, that means the hardware is fault.

4. You can download the latest version of driver directly from our website.

5. After installing the new version of driver, the system will require you to restart your computer.

6. After restart your computer, on bottom right of the screen, you can find the tablet icon ''Plaunch'' within there.

6.1 If you can't find the tablet icon ''Plaunch''  on the bottom right of the screen, it means the driver fail in startup, It might cause by an incompatible issue.

6.2 Check from [My Computer] - [Properties] - [Hardware] - [Device Manager], if there is an exclamation mark occurs, it means the installed driver of tablet is incompatible with the windows system. If you have this problem, please contact us for more service.

7. By clicking the tablet icon ''Plaunch'' on the bottom right of the screen, you can test the pressure sensitivity to see whether the pen pressure function works or not. (Please see the chapters 2, section 6, Pen tablet configuration for more details).

Note:If you do not have the pen pressure, it means the pen might be faulty.