Ugee M708 Tablet Driver Installation Attention

Ugee M708 is an smart drawing tablet with 10x6 inch active area for painting,chatting and editing etc.
Today,we will have a general understanding on how to install the driver.First of all,M708 multifunctionally supports windows 10,8, or 7 and Mac X 10.8 or above operating system.

1.Before starting the driver installation,please disable any antivirus or any non-essential backgroud software.Because some software will affect a successful driver installation..When you begin a driver installation,please check the system tray on the bottom-right of the screen and close any software unrelated to your computer hardware.
2.Uninstall any existing tablets software before attempting to install the M708 driver.Other tablet drivers will conflict with M708 driver or prevent installation completely.
3.After you download the driver version,please be sure to exact the ".zip"file contents before running ".exe"or ".pkg".