Ugee 1910B Tablet has been one of the popular products of Ugee, getting good reviews from artists all over the world. It also is one of the reasons why I buy it even if I’m not particular about the screen monitor as a painting lover.


Ugee 1910B tablet comes with 19 inch screen with narrow bezel. On the bottom right are there five buttons, on the back, ports for DVI, VGA, POWER and USB. On the bottom are there dual support stands for stable drawing that you need not worry about that it will move while being operated. Besides, the height of the support stands can be adjusted at will.


Ugee 1910B features 19 inch screen with such a wide working area. As far as I know, it is the first Ugee tablet with so large a display up to 19 inch. The screen enjoys 1440*900 pixels resolution, 220RPS report rate and 2048 pressure sensitivity. Compared with other displays (most of which have a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels or even 4K), its resolution is low. At this respect, Ugee 1910B is weak.


Ugee 1910B tablet’s pen is responsive with a long length. Pressing the buttons on its side can easily choose Pen or Eraser function or exchange between them.