Ugee M1000L Tablet comes with a low price but large values. Whether in design and quality, I am completely contented with it.


Ugee M1000L Tablet comes with 10*6 inch screen. The size is decent to me because it neither is too small when being used to bring inconvenience nor too big that being hard to be taken away. Its body looks exquisite and elegant. Even though it is in black, it is not rigid because of its glossy front part. There are eight buttons in the edge. I think eight keys leads to higher productivity compared with five buttons.


Ugee M1000L Tablet applies with 10*6 inch screen with 4000LPI resolution.

It has 2048 levels pressure sensitivity, the highest level used in graphics tablet so far. The width of line is easy to control.

Pen is easy to use with quick response. It comes with Mouse and Eraser function.

The USB cable is connected with the tablet and can’t be removed. It is a disadvantage to the tablet itself as the tablet will be out of use if there is something wrong with the cable.