I bought the black version of Ugee M708 Drawing Tablet for almost two months. On the whole, it is great for its high sensitivity and large active area, even though there are defects needing improving.


Ugee M708 tablet provides 10*6 inch work area, which is big enough even for people who make complex design. There are eight customizable shortcut keys on the left or right of the Active Area because the tablet can be rotated 180 degrees. As for the design of its 180 degrees’ rotation, it is humanized as it takes the needs of special populations into consideration. The appearance of Ugee M708 looks simple and elegant. But the black one I bought becomes dirty easily. And the black is depressive to me. In my opinion, I prefer the white version.

The Tablet

Ugee M708 tablet comes with 2048 pressure levels and a one-click pen/eraser toogle. The stylus attached to the tablet touches very slick and is easy to use, which works well along with the work area. Keeping up with the times, Ugee M708 is compatible with Window 10/8/7 and most software. Unfortunately, it comes with a pen but the battery the pen needs.