How do I get my Free Gift Card?

Share the products your want from Ugee Tabelt. Show what you think about it!

WHERE: Share items on blogs, Facebook, YouTube, forums or any other social media channels. (Note: Please remember to include the Ugee Tabelt product link on the description and "Ugee Tabelt" on the title.)

WHEN: Please contact us within one month of sharing the item & link.

What kind of Gift Card can I get?

The Free Gift card is used like a “coupon” with Ugee Tabelt products. We will activate the coupon once your review is

Coupons are used to buy items from our site.

The Gift Card (coupon) value cannot exceed the product price.

Submit your url Here

Please submit your url on the products page,you can see three tabs,the last one is 'Ask a Question'.Click it.

Ugee Tablet

Ugee M708 Drawing Tablet

Ugee 1910B Tablet

Ugee 2150 Graphics Tablet

Our review team will check it within 48 hours and issue your FREE Gift Card as soon as it passes our checks. Thanks!